The Truth About When Someone Googles Your Brand Name | Featuring Jason Barnard | Ep. #23

Businesses often spend a lot of effort trying to rank well for keywords related to WHAT they sell, but they often overlook the opportunity to rank for WHO they are. But you might be missing more than you think by not paying more attention to your branded search results. Jason Barnard is the founder of Kalicube where he shares his insights from tracking over 75,000 branded search engine results pages.

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Hosted by:

Adam Helweh

Adam Helweh

CEO, Secret Sushi

About Marketing in the Raw Podcast Are you ready to expand how you define the practice of marketing and your vision of where it’s headed? Host Adam Helweh, CEO of digital marketing agency Secret Sushi, interviews industry experts and innovators to learn how to be better marketers in a digitally connected world. He’ll also venture off the beaten path, exploring new ways to build customer relationships, emerging technology, and industry trends impacting your marketing’s success.
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